Rock Creations

How To Buy & FAQ

To ask questions or to place an order we recommend using the contact us page or you can send an email directly to;

Please describe what you would like to have put on the stone and we will create the design for you to preview on our web site. When we reply we will include a link to the page where we will normally include two or three variations of the design showing you different font choices or layout options.

 F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to get a stone made?
Answer: The pricing is listed at the top of each product page. It generally depends on the size of the stone and the amount of information or complexity of the design. In some cases, like the truly custom designs that we create from your photos, we will have to quote it after we have had a chance to review the project.

2. How do I pay for the stone?
Answer: We don't charge you until you receive the stone and are happy with the finished product. In some cases we may ask for a down payment on custom orders (normally 10 to 20% of the order value). We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or you can pay on line after receiving our invoice.

3. Do you have a store? What hours are you open?
Answer: We work out of our home and do not have regular hours. We will see customers by appointment, please use the contact us page to schedule a time.

4. How do I get my stone when it is completed?
Answer: There are a couple of options, the first one is to schedule a time to stop by and pick it up. In some cases we will agree to meet  you half way at a mutually convenient location (e.g. shopping center, bank or restaurant parking lot). Another option is for us to ship the stone to you. We have an account with FedEx and their Ground Service rates are very reasonable considering the weight of the product. 
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